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Switchgear electrical brass parts – Introductory post by manufacturers

06.12.2016. Manufacturing unit of electrical brass component explains the switchgear electrical parts and their uses in this post.

How to find good suppliers for brass sheet metal components?

07.09.2016. For the business of welding and construction, you should always choose the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of brass sheet metal components.

Brass Molding Parts & Inserts for Plastic Components

23.08.2016. Brass moulding parts & inserts are always prepared by opting advanced tools and techniques to get high finished products at the end.

Select the right brass inserts for Industrial application

15.07.2016. Brass inserts are available in different varieties like stainless steel, aluminum etc. Brass has long threaded life with solid fastening base

Different installation techniques for precision brass components

6.07.2016. Inserts are usually attached with plastic parts to fix or remove them plenty of times. This is the reason inserts are made up of brass material that has long shelf life, and secured fastening base.

Deciding on right brass sanitary fittings manufacturers in India

19.05.2016. Deciding on right brass sanitary fittings manufacturers in India is a complex process. But it is always necessary to find right supplier for your job that can deliver finest quality products in your budget.

3D printing applications are expanding with brass threaded parts & components

10.05.2016. In case, you are trying to find out most innovating manufacturing practices to enhance your business then 3D printing applications with brass threaded parts and components cannot be overlooked.

Give maximum protection to machineries with brass cable glands India

01.04.2016. Machines should be maintained on regular time intervals for error free production. Machines components are generally pretty much expensive and it is not possible for everyone to afford them.

Ultimate Guide on Brass turned components

06.01.2016. By the decades of experience, Dodhia Brass Moulding Works could achieve the reputed name in the field of brass industries at national and global level.

Cable glands manufacturing with brass and other robust metals

14.11.2014. Cable glands offer high strength, security, and safety to cable technologies. These are tiny devices constructed from variety of materials including brass and serve distinct purposes.

Do You Believe in Importing Brass Fasteners from Indian Manufacturers? Many Do!

14.08.2014. Fasteners such as nuts and bolts are used for connecting two different surfaces together. They cater the needs of domestic and industrial clients with an ease.

Getting the Best fastener for outdoor furniture construction

25.03.2014. Learning about the best hardware type for your outdoor furniture project is a tricky task if you are lacking with knowledge. It is equally important for a buyer as well as for brass fasteners India to determine the requirements.

Pneumatic Fittings- brass compressed air adapters and fittings

14.03.2014. Brass is a combined metal alloy formed with copper and zinc. Since so many years, brass has been used for industrial pneumatic fittings and accessories.